Cap Type

      Colour Temperature


          Aurora AU-A1VG125Z5E/19 AOne Filament Vintage Globe Bulb


          Aurora AU-A1GUZBRGBW AOne Smart Dimmable RGB and Tuneable White GU10


          Aurora AU-A1GUZBCX5 AOne 5.4W Smart Tuneable GU10 Lamp


          Aurora AU-A1GSZ9CXB AOne 9W BC Smart Tuneable GLS


          Aurora AU-A1VGSZ5E/19 AOne Filament Vintage Bulb GLS E27


          Aurora AU-A1VST64Z5E/19 AOne LED ST64 Filament Bulb


          Aurora AU-A1GSZ9RGBWB AOne 9.5W BC Smart RGBW GLS


          Aurora AU-A1GSZ9RGBWE AOne 9.5W ES Smart RGBW GLS


          Aurora AU-A1GSZ9B/27 AOne 9W BC Smart Dimmable GLS


          Aurora AU-A1GSZ9CXE AOne 9W ES Smart Tuneable GLS Lamp


          Aurora AU-A1CE14ZCX6 AOne 5.8W Smart Tuneable Candle


          Aurora AU-A1ZBMPRO1ZX AOne MPROZX Fixed IP65 Tuneable Fire Rated Downlight

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