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Globe G125 LED filament 10W E27 2700K 1250lm milky dim.

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This beautiful LED 95mm Globe has a long-life LED filament inside which when on, the lit filament creates a stunning look. So whether in an enamel factory style pendant light or just simply with a bare bulb holder there’s probably nothing more delightful to look at. In addition, they can be hung together in a cluster as well as singularly as decoration. 

This G95 LED Filament Lightbulb Lamp is part of the Girard Sudron Milky filament LED range. The milky opal glass finish produces a clean stunning light effect without lines or shadows.

The 2700k Warm White LED Lightbulb gives off a warm and comfortable white light perfect for most rooms and A opal finish, a classic lamp but now in LED and using high-performance glass our 'Milky' range gives a pure white light without and light or dark shades