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Cap Type

    IP Rating

    Light Output (Lumens)

      Voltage/Current Rating

      Dimming Compatabilty


        Ecopac LED Driver 4W 350mA Non-Dimmable


        Ecopac LED Driver 3-12W 350mA Non-Dimmable


        Ecopac LED Driver 4W 700mA Non-Dimmable


        Ecopac Constant Current LED Driver ELED-15-C150/700T Series...


        Ecopac Constant Current LED Driver 10.5–20.3W (TRIAC,...


        Ecopac Constant Current LED Driver 19.5-40W (TRIAC,...


        LED lighting is a modern day essential when illuminating a space. Even though they use very little power, a lot of LED products still require a power supply in order to operate. Here at Prisma we believe that your LED’s should be powered by reliable, efficient power supplies from reputable manufacturers to the highest standard as they are the backbone of the installation. With such a varied amount of products on the market it can be very confusing which power supply would be required for your project whether on a new installation or retro fitting to an existing one, so we make it as simple as possible to get the product you need. Choose from Constant current covering 150ma-1400ma or Constant voltage 12v and 24v, we also offer full ranges of Mains dimming (Triac) and 1-10v dimming for those larger installations. Our Technical support team are always on hand to advise if unsure.

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