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Optiprofile HD95 Pro High - 15w 24v LED Tape 2000K Flame White 5 Metre


The OptiProfile range from Prisma Lighting is part of our Professional range of LED strip tapes. These supreme quality strips feature the highest 95+ CRI for outstanding high definition colour rendering and the innovative Pro Connect installation system for easy use in even the shallowest channels. The HD95 LED strip has been designed as a result of years of research, development and experience in LED strip lighting. With our unprecedented 5 year Pro warranty available this tape is designed for the highest specifications and installations where reliability and high performance is essential.
HD95 The term HD95 stands for the CRI (colour rendering index) that this range uses. Rated at more than 95CRI this is the closest colour rendering you can achieve to natural light from an LED, a truly High Definition light output.
Optiprofile As the name suggests this tape is highly suited for use in profiles thanks to its slimline installation components. And with its non-spotting illumination you can use this range of tape in the shallowest of profiles without seeing any visible dots. This is down to the density of chips used, an impressive 1200 LEDs per 5 metres.
Pro Connect The new pro connect system has been added to this range which makes installation easier than ever before. This simple connector allows you to extend the cable length from the tape to any size you require, without having to do any soldering or having to use additional connectors. These connectors are added to both ends which means you can effectively use 2 lengths of LED if cut down.

Tech Specs

  • Supplied in 5 metre reels
  • LED Type: 2835 Chip
  • Power Consumption: 15w per metre | 75w per reel
  • Lumens: 1400 - 1490 p/m
  • Voltage: 24v
  • Tape Width: 8mm
  • Colour Temperature: 2000 Kelvins (flame white)
  • Number of LEDs: 240 per metre | 1200 per reel
  • CRI: >95
  • Water Ingress Rating: IP20 (non waterproof)
  • Cut points: every 2.5cm
  • Pro connect amp rating: 5Amp
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 Year

How to connect?

The Pro Connect system already includes 1 metre of cable with bare ends pre-attached, ready to be wired into a terminal style driver. This cable can be swapped out for any other cable which is maximum 0.75mm in wire thickness.
What Driver do I need?
To work out what driver you will need for each length of LED you can simply multiply the wattage of the tape by the length of LED strip you will be using, this will give you the total wattage the LED strip requires, then simply choose a driver which is at least 10% above this figure.
For the Optiprofile HD95 Pro High tape range the following drivers could be used:

1 metre Ð ORION-25/24V
2 metre Ð ORION-36/24V
3 metre Ð ORION-50/24V
4 metre Ð ORION-80/24V
5 metre Ð ORION-100/24V