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Love Table Bulb ES G95 Non Dimmable

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Can a light bulb go beyond just emitting light, and even emanate ... love?! Yes! The LED filament of this GS 976943 light bulb lives up to the word "Love", for a unique and absolutely amazing final effect, without losing the typical qualities of LED bulbs. Ecological and decorative, the best choice to create a table or floor lamp with a unique design. To properly dim an LED bulb, a specific dimmer or the latest generation of universal dimmers is required. You will find a specific section on our website with a selection of both wall and in-line models.

This elegant, dimmable, eco-friendly LED bulb provides a rich, warm white light that diffuses gracefully through your room. Offering a very wide beam angle of 330°, and a rich, warm white light, the twisted filament bulb helps to create a wonderfully vintage lighting effect.