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Integral LED SPI Remote Control and Receiver for Digital Pixel RGB Strip


The LTECH RGB Pixel Remote Control and Receiver is designed to work with the Integral LED Digital Pixel RGB Strip (ILSTRGBA073E and ILSTRGBB074E). This remote control allows you to cycle and set the 16 different lighting effects the Digital Pixel Strip is capable of and also allows you to adjust the speed, brightness and direction of these effects. When you have found your perfect setting, this remote control includes two Scene Keys, so you can save and replay up to two customised effects.

Product Code: ILRC013

  • Suitable for controlling Digital Pixel RGB Strip
  • 16 pre-synced settings
  • Power Input: DC5-24V
  • Max Current Load: 3A x 3 channels Max 9A
  • Max Power Output: 108W (12V) / 216W (24V)
  • Max 360 pixels