Discover Enhanced Lighting Solutions: Prisma Lighting Teams Up with Nordlux

Prisma Lighting is excited to enhance our collaboration with Nordlux, a partnership built on years of wholesale trading and mutual respect in the lighting industry. This collaboration allows us to bring the extensive and sophisticated Nordlux range directly to our customers through our website, providing unparalleled support and insights into their full product range.

Our direct relationship with Nordlux enables us to offer detailed technical specifications and tailored professional advice, ensuring you receive the perfect lighting solutions for any project. Our team is here to assist with everything from lighting design intricacies to selecting the ideal piece for your space.

We are committed to service excellence, reflected in our daily updated stock levels to provide accurate and reliable information, facilitating timely and informed decisions. For any inquiries or further assistance with the Nordlux range, our dedicated customer service team is ready to provide expert advice and support, making your experience with Prisma Lighting seamless and satisfactory.