Prisma Lighting

Excellence in Illumination

Explore Prisma Lighting's mastery and elegance in lighting solutions. Our extensive collection encompasses Fabric Cables, Large Edison Bulbs, Pendants, Ceiling Plates, Lamp Holders, as well as Smart and LED Strip Lighting. Elevate your space with our carefully curated selection, designed to embody the transformative power of light.

Stylish Illumination

Evo Series Elegance

Introducing the Calex XXL Organic Neo: a playful, curled LED filament bulb in seven vibrant finishes, adding character and style to any interior.
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Elegant Lighting

Organic Bulb Brilliance

Discover the Calex XXL Organic E27 Bulb: dimmable, splash-shaped with spiraled LED filament, in multiple finishes, blending whimsy with modern elegance.
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Dynamic Ambiance

Versatile Strip Lighting

Elevate your space with LED Strip Lights, offering customizable, vibrant lighting for any setting. Perfect for creating mood, enhancing décor, and personalizing your environment.

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