10 Different Types of Light Large Edison Bulbs to Make Your Room Look Beautiful

Light has always been a fascination for us humans. From the time we learnt how to light the fire, evolution has driven the rocket. Light in any form has enticed us to such an extent that buildings, structures and public places have separate budgets and divisions for their lighting systems.

The modern room is also a haven of innovation and electric device manufacturing companies are spending an awful amount of money trying to create the most energy-efficient and yet stylish lighting equipment that will not just provide luminescence to the room but add an atmosphere to it.

The ubiquitous light bulb is no more just a piece of essential. It is also a reflection of the character of the owner.

There are quite a few types of light bulbs that make your room beautiful.

Let us look at the 10 Different Types of Large Edison Bulbs that Make Your Room Look Beautiful.
The Calex Megaglobe comes with a LED filament and is ideal for brightening the room causing minimal eye glare and energy consumption.
The Noire Ambre Wide Bulb is for those who wish to add a character to the spaces. It generally comes in dark colours.
The Bottle Bulb is a new arrival and is shaped like a bottle. It can be dimmed through one of our Zano dimmer modules. The bar table will never be a dull place anymore.
The Calex XXL Gold Organic E27 6W LED Dimmable is a retro lighting bulb that is irregular in shape but high on functionality and style. It comes in a Titanium finish.
The Calex Alicante Gold LED lamp 4W 130lm 2100K Dimmable is another new addition to the homes of the non-conformists and peddlers of high fashion. This twisted piece of art is more a work of fable than engineering.
The Calex Vienna is a nozzle shaped bulb that does wonders to the walls of the rooms they are in. Add a few and watch them create magic. Available in Gold and Titanium.
The Irisee Ampule Big Bulb is the rainbow against the bright hue of the room. It turns every living quarter into a celestial march.
Calex Bilbao E27 4W LED Titanium 2100K Dimmable is another odd shaped prized possession. Provides not just light but effervescence too.
The Calex Visby is a large globular shaped bulb, created to shine the brightest and yet remain unperturbed to the roving eyes drooling at its existence.