4 Tips and Tricks for Lighting Your Home in Unique Ways

One of the most important aspects of a comfortable home is lighting. An improperly lit home, even with the most expensive trappings and furnishings in the world, will absolutely feel incomplete. It seems like such a minor concern, but it will become a definitive factor in the livability of any home. 

As such, you might want to consider these lighting tips and tricks to improve the lighting in your home. You might notice that your home has had a new life breathed into it with a few new lighting fixtures. Here are these tips and tricks to consider:

1. Take your ceiling height into account

When choosing a light fixture, the ceiling height matters. As the light spreads from a light fixture, it may begin to lose some of its intensity. If your ceiling is lower, you might need fewer bulbs at only medium intensities. It would also not be good to have hanging fixtures in an area where the ceiling is low, as this might result in people smacking their heads into your chandeliers.

If your ceiling is higher, your lighting might be better managed by a hanging fixture like statement pendant lights and multiple bulbs. 

2. Don’t limit light sources to the ceiling

For the longest time, the lighting was on the walls and surfaces in most rooms — like candles. Why not consider going a classic route by installing sconces for a softer and gentler ambiance? Not all rooms are meant to be read in, after all. 

3. Know your bulbs

There are generally three types of bulbs: halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED. all of these bulbs come with their own varying lighting capacities and power requirements. They also come in a range of color options that are well suited to the color themes in the various rooms. Warmer colors in the home might be better contrasted with cooler lights and vice versa.

4. Think about smart lighting

With digital assistants like Google Home and the Amazon Echo, smart homes are quickly becoming a popular thing. To that end, there are plenty of smart lighting systems and smart bulbs you can invest in. After all, how cool would it be to be able to talk to your home and control your lights that way? 

5. Don’t be afraid to use colors

Most people don’t even think about using different colors when it comes to lighting. For many, it’s white, warm, or cool. However, there is a limitless array of colors you can use. Colored shades, color mixing, and other creative lighting options. For example, the primary colors of light when combined together still create white light. It would be the talk of your guests to see the little science experiment you’ve pulled with your lighting system.

It doesn’t stop there. Who says you can’t use iridescent lighting and vintage light bulbs?

Final thoughts

The sky’s the limit, really, when it comes to the things you can do with your lights. With some elbow grease and imagination, you could have that ambience in your home you’ve always dreamed of. Whether your tastes are more simple, or they are fantastical makes no matter — if you like it, then it belongs in your home.

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