Add colour to your lighting with Calex!

Many of us are already aware of how colours can symbolise different moods and feelings. When it comes to lighting, however, these colours can have a physical effect on our bodies and the way in which we function. Though you would typically choose a cold or warm-toned LED light bulb for your home, you do also have the option to shop for specific colours depending on what you need them for. In fact, you can add colour to your lighting with Calex and create the environment you choose. Here are some benefits of the colours and our top picks from the range.


Similar to your typical white, blue offers feelings of calm. It’s also a great colour to help you focus as well as cold tones release melatonin. It’s a great colour for waking up in the morning and can even help increase blood flow! If you really want to blue up your room, the Calex Nora G125 offers a gorgeous sapphire shade that is playful and welcoming.


Green is another calming colour that is both soothing and healing. And like blue, it is useful for concentration. Choose this colour for a room that is filled with botanicals and you will have a space that will perk you up and help you focus! Choose the Calex Kiruna in quartz green for a soft tint that won’t overwhelm you.

Yellows and golds

If you want to keep a bright home at the end of the day, without overstimulating your mind, then yellows and golds are the way to go. Perfect for kitchen dining, yellows and golden colours can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere while you’re still moving around in the second half of the day. Choose Calex Kalmar in metallic gold for a vibrant dining environment.


Copper is a warm and friendly colour, perfect for the end of the day. As the sun goes down, you will likely want to unwind and get ready to rest your head on your pillow. The Calex Kalmer in metallic copper is the perfect colour for your light bulbs as the warm shade allows you to relax and get ready for bed.

Pinks and purples

Purple and pink create feelings of insightfulness and inspiration. However, go to dark with the purple and it can be associated with sadness or frustration. For a light bulb that creates an active space, we highly recommend the Calex Nora G125. This is a beautiful bubbly colour that keeps the environment bright and airy!

Find the perfect colour bulbs for your home with Prisma Lighting

If you would like coloured lighting to set the mood for different rooms in your home, Prisma Lighting has plenty to offer. The Calex colour range offers a colour for every mood, and some even for fun! Check out the range here to see for yourself.