Brighten up Your Space: Top 5 Design Rules to Follow When Lighting Your Home

Many people think that furniture and decorative accessories are what creates a charming space, but you don’t need to shell out on luxurious fittings to achieve a home that looks inspired by  glossy magazines. 

Lighting fixtures can make all the difference in the impression and overall ambiance of your home. A great lighting scheme can inspire different moods, complement the decor, and serve as an illustrious architectural accent that can add as much panache as it is practical to your space. 

Of course, lighting isn’t all about the quality of the electrical lights, but more of how it comes together in the room. If you’re wondering how to maximize your fixtures and use it as a powerful feature, the tips below should shed some light on the design rules you should know: 

Tip #1: Add Two To Three Light Sources In Every Room

Lighting can be tricky, which is why most people rely on overhead lighting to brighten every corner of the room. But it’s not enough to add a dramatic flair, nor can it create the right mood that would make your space feel like home. 

With that in mind, you can make a room feel more dynamic by adding at least two to three sources. Statement pendant lights can be an excellent way to add a stylish focal point in different rooms - be it as a centerpiece in living rooms or over the kitchen island. 

Vintage light bulbs attached to a black ceiling rose, on the other hand, can add warmth to corners that you want to turn into a cozy, reading nook. 

Tip #2: Utilize Dimmers And Smart Technology 

Beyond improving the look of your space, you can enhance its functionality by installing smart technology powered by leading brands like Aurora AOne™. This allows you to automate your entire lighting system, so you can easily adjust the intensity or set the color to change the mood. 

Beyond boosting your inconvenience and giving you more seamless customization options, the best advantage of installing smart lighting is that it reduces the amount of electricity it uses. Unlike a traditional, incandescent bulb, you can save up to a whopping 70 to 90 percent of energy using smart bulbs. 

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid To Add Variety 

If you’re looking to improve the ambiance of your space, other forms of lighting can do the trick. Beyond energy-efficient lighting systems, you can add lamps, candles, or hang string lights by your bedroom to add a warm glow to create a relaxing mood. 

The Bottom Line: Highlighting Your Style Using Custom Lighting 

The perfect lighting fixture can make all the difference in your space - from creating a spacious illusion, adding warmth, to establishing a modish focal point in every room. Seeing as the quality, placement, and design of the fixtures play a pivotal role, finding the right purveyor is just as crucial. 

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