Find the Right Lighting Products to Keep Your Gas and Electric Quotes Low

Find the Right Lighting Products to Keep Your Gas and Electric Quotes Low

Energy bills are climbing higher. But combined with the right tariff, the right lighting products can help you keep your bills as low as possible. It goes without saying that we’re passionate about your home’s lighting! The right lighting solutions can add that extra special something to your home’s interior decor. It can help to make your home more secure and increase your kerb appeal with the right exterior lighting. It can add the perfect ambience to a special moment, or make relaxing in your home after a hard day’s work that much easier. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The right lighting solutions can also save money on your energy bills and keep your energy quotes low when you switch by limiting wasted energy.


When is it most important to get gas and electricity quotes? 

It’s recommended that you compare gas and electricity quotes and switch energy plans every 12-18 months. But the energy experts at Switch-Plan say that it’s especially important to get energy quotes after moving into a new home. This is because new movers are automatically put on a ‘deemed contract’ with whatever supplier the previous occupant used. These always put customers on the supplier’s standard variable tariff. Which is pretty much always the most expensive. This is not only pertinent for new movers but for those whose fixed-rate plans are due for expiry. The current energy market crisis is likely to go on well in to 2022. So if your fixed-rate energy plan is about to expire, you can expect significantly higher energy prices when you lapse onto a deemed contract. Whatever energy plan you’re on, you can save money on your energy bills by choosing the right lighting products.


Compact fluorescent bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs are based on the same technology that powers the fluorescent strip lighting that we often see in offices and commercial premises. The gas inside these compact spiralling cubes glows as it is charged with electricity. These were the first energy-efficient bulbs and used around 70-80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They also last around 10 times longer.


LED lighting

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are the most energy-efficient and versatile form of lighting. Small and available in a huge range of colours, they are perfect for spotlights, strip lighting and virtually anything else that requires a space to be lit. LED bulbs save households around £9 per bulb per year when compared to an old-fashioned incandescent bulb.


Smart lighting

Smart technology is transforming the way we live our lives, enabling us to control multiple aspects of our household ambience through our smartphones. Smart lighting uses LEDs, making it highly energy-efficient. What’s more, users can control the intensity and even the colour of bulbs using their smartphones, enabling them to tailor their home’s ambience to their mood.