Your Ultimate Guide to How Lutron
RA2 Smart Works


Thinking of getting a few smart lights into your home?

Wall switches. Security. Voice-activated apps. What do these things have in common? Automation. It’s a system that controls the humble home lighting whenever you want. But simply calling it ‘smart’ doesn’t equate to ‘smart lighting’. So, how does it all work?

In this guide, our experts will show you how they work, and shine a light on the best smart home system people are raving about in the UK!

But first, let us introduce you to Lutron Electronics.

And trust us when we say, they produce the best light controlling system in the world – smart, effortless, and painless.

Let's look at their smartest lighting system called Lutron RA2, and you’ll know what we mean. 

4 clever ways Lutron RA can transform your smart home life:

  1. Feel home secured even when you’re out

Away from home, but worried about home security? You’re not alone! Simply program RA2 to turn your devices on as if you were there! It’s your best barrier to keep unwanted visitors as far away as possible.

 This smart system also uses geolocation – so you can have your lights welcome you when you arrive or turn them off as you leave without pressing a single button!

  1. Hygiene control 101: touchless switches
    No one likes touching too many switches these days, especially when they go to the bathroom! We hear you. Simply replace your wall switch with a smart movement sensor and turn your lights on at multiple light levels any time of the day. Hygiene factor? Tick!
  1. Set the mood, save the bills
    Running a bar or restaurant? Then you know ambience is everything, and ambience comes at a price. Not when you are with Lutron RA. With it, you can control all your lighting remotely to avoid unwanted switching. Easily set the mood for different times of the day without any overly complicated large wall switches. Don’t need the lights? Switch them off remotely and save some energy bills. Cost factor? Another tick! 
  1. Your intuitive, highly customised new best friend

You can’t customise humans, but you can fully tailor your RA2 – and that’s pretty close! Lutron has invented the most intuitive app and stylish wireless Pico switches with multiple combinations, so you can control your home in the most perfect way possible:

  • Completely automate your home or workplace with the RA2 Select Dimmable and Switching Lighting Relays
  • Want to turn up the music to let your heart sing? Try the RA2’s Sonos integration!
  • Set the scene and adjust your blinds easily! A 360-integration wireless technology with a range of bespoke blinds means you can power your blinds using Pico switches or RA2 Select APP
  • Want to flawlessly change the mood in your home? Lutron integrates seamlessly into a romantic lighting scene, just as you please 


I’m blown away! Where do I get Lutron and watch the magic happen?

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