Pendant Lighting: Plan before you Buy

Pendant lighting is a hanging light feature that falls from the ceiling to create ambience and a focal point. Usually used for dining, pendant lighting is the ultimate lighting choice for setting a social environment that will bring everyone together.

Choosing pendant lighting for your home

When planning, how do you know that what you have in mind is right for you? Before you can choose the products, you must plan out how you can fit them into your home. With this in mind, here is our guide to pendant lighting.

Choose the features you want to highlight

It helps to follow the theme of the room to ensure everything ties together wonderfully, but this doesn’t mean you will be stuck with one style. As a popular choice for kitchen islands and dining rooms, you can play with various shapes and shades for the atmosphere you are trying to create. Place your lighting above areas you wish to highlight such as a dining table or other seating areas.

How many pendants will you need?

The number of lights required will depend on the size of the area you wish to highlight. It is often best to choose an odd number of lights above tabled and countertops, as this creates a balanced focal point. When hanging multiple lights, the spacing will determine the diameter of the pendants. The space between each light should also be equal. So, if you have small lights and a wide table, you will probably need more lights than if the pendants were wide and the table was smaller.


Dimmable bulbs are a popular choice for pendant lights as they can change throughout the day. You can find long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs anywhere these days in a wide range of styles that will benefit various room designs.


To determine the length of your lighting, simply measure from the top of the table to the ceiling. In most cases, anywhere between 28” and 32” is a good length between the top of the table and the bottom of the pendants. As for kitchen island lighting, you will likely need more space, so we suggest no more than 30” between the top of the island and the bottom of the pendants.

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