Upgrade Your Home with a Decorative Screwless Wall Plate

Upgrade Your Home with a Decorative Screwless Wall Plate

Introduction to Screwless Wall Plates

A wall plate is a decorative piece that is used to cover the electrical box and wiring in your home. A screwless wall plate is a type of wall plate that after installation the screws are not visible. It is designed to be easy to install and provide a sleek, modern look.

Types of Wall Plates

There are two main types of wall plates: decorative wall plates and standard wall plates with visible screws. Decorative wall plates come in a variety of styles and designs, while standard wall plates are more straightforward and simple in design, but have the screws on show.

How to Install a Screwless Wall Plate

To install a screwless wall plate, you will need the following materials: a screwless wall plate, a screwdriver, and a level. Follow these steps to install your screwless wall plate:

  1. Turn off the power to the electrical box
  2. Remove the old wall plate
  3. Carry out a compliant wiring installation as per the instructions outlined in the instructions manual.
  4. Hold the wall plate up to the corresponding  box and make sure it is level
  5. Secure the wall plate to the box with the screwdriver and provided screws
  6. Firmly press screwless faceplate onto wall plate until secure
  7. Turn the power back on and test the wall plate correctly before use.

Advantages of a Screwless Wall Plate

A screwless wall plate offers several advantages, including:

  1. Sleek look - A screwless wall plate provides a sleek and modern look that will enhance the appearance of your home.
  2. Easy installation - Installing a screwless wall plate is simple with the correct tools and skills.
  3. Hidden screws - A screwless wall plate hides screws from view, giving your walls a clean and polished appearance.


In conclusion, a screwless wall plate is a great way to upgrade the appearance of your home. It is easy to install, provides a sleek and modern look, and hides screws from view. Consider using a screwless wall plate the next time you need to replace an old wall plate or update the look of your home.