Prisma Lighting

Two Decades of
Trusted Illumination

Shine a Light on Perfection

Prisma Lighting stands as a family-led luminary in the realm of lighting, dedicated to brightening your environments with superior lighting solutions. Our commitment lies in handpicking and delivering the utmost in quality and innovation, ensuring our offerings reflect our high standards.

Our Heritage and Expertise

Leveraging the deep-rooted heritage of our progenitor, ABM Electrical, we bring an extensive trove of knowledge and insight into the electrical and lighting domain. Our expertise transcends professional boundaries, welcoming enthusiasts and DIY aficionados alike, providing expert advice to guide your project from inception to fruition.

Customer Service Excellence

Our ethos is anchored in unparalleled customer service, with an aim to forge lasting bonds with our clientele. Equipped with deep industry knowledge, our team is poised to assist you in navigating through your options, ensuring you find the perfect match for your lighting requirements. We hold the principle of exceptional service in high regard and strive to deliver on this commitment consistently.

Commitment to Your Convenience

Recognising the dynamic pace of projects, we offer same-day dispatch for items in stock to ensure your endeavors face minimal interruption. For products not immediately available, We offer expedited delivery options for a wide range of items from our extensive catalogue, striving to get your selections to you as swiftly as possible, ensuring your project continues with little to no delay. Our specialists are ready to provide the reassurance and solutions you need for your lighting projects.

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