Yellow Lamp Holder - Matt Ochre Yellow E27
Matt Ochre Yellow Lamp Holder E27 - Prisma Lighting
Girard Sudron Lisse Lamp Holder ES/E27
Girard Sudron Lisse Lamp Holder ES/E27
Girard Sudron Lisse Lamp Holder ES/E27
Girard Sudron Lisse Lamp Holder ES/E27
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Girard Sudron Lisse Lamp Holder ES/E27

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Bring a pop of colour to your space with the Girard Sudron Lisse Lamp Holder ES/E27! This versatile lighting accessory is perfect for creating a classic, sophisticated atmosphere in bars, cafes, restaurants, or your own home. Pair it with vintage light bulbs to create a stunning retro pendant light fixture that will brighten up any room. Choose from vibrant finishes in Ochre Yellow, Celadon Green, and Brick Red to match your style. Made of durable metal with a 10 mm (M10) thread size, this lamp holder is easy to install and features a cord grip for added convenience. At 74 mm tall and 42 mm wide, it's the perfect size for any lighting project. Illuminate your space with a touch of classic charm and bold colour!

Tips on how to use a 2 wire lamp holder:

If you've recently purchased a lamp holder and noticed that it only has 2 terminals for wires, don't worry - this is completely normal. Many lamp holders, such as the one you have, have a plastic inner socket that requires a live and a neutral wire. To ensure proper and safe installation, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. The lamp holder you have has 2 easy to use push fit connectors. This means that you don't need to worry about complicated wiring or the need for special tools to connect the wires.

  2. Before you screw your bulb into the socket, make sure to secure the cable with the nylon grub screw. This will ensure that the wires stay in place and don't become loose over time.

  3. Always double-check that the live and neutral wires are connected to the correct terminals. This will ensure that the lamp holder is connected properly and will function as intended.

If you are uncertain on how to wire this lamp holder correctly we offer an Assemble For Me service or we recommend contacting a qualified electrician.

Tech Specs
Fitting Type E27
Material Metal
Size of thread at the top 10 mm (M10)
With Switch No
Cord Grip Yes
Height in mm 74
Width in mm 42

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