Ceiling Rose: Lighting's best friend

The ceiling rose, also called a “loop-in ceiling rose” or “3-plate ceiling rose” is an essential part of safe electrical wiring in your home. It acts as a junction box that allows the power feed, switch wire and pendant flex to work as they should for safe and efficient ceiling light. Using three discreet terminals, the ceiling rose can aid the current-carrying the conductors, as well as place the terminal for the earthing conductors.

But… Why is it called a ceiling rose?

Despite the ceiling rose offering a practical solution for safe lighting in the home, it does actually come with some history!

Since Roman times, the rose has been used as a symbol for secrecy. This is apparently the result of a confused association with the Egyptian god Horus. The Latin term “Sub Rosa” translates to “Under the rose” and is a term that is used to denote confidentiality and the freedom to speak candidly.

However, when suspended over a meeting table, the rose represents the freedom to speak bluntly without repercussion. This concept continued throughout the ruling of King Henry VIII and has since played a significant role in architecture. Over the years, however, the actual method of a rose carving has since faded away in many designs and has transferred its purpose to modern homes for concealing the wiring box for overhead lighting!

Different styles

Of course, this doesn’t mean to say that the rose style is completely out of fashion, but there are many styles and colours available to suit any lighting fixtures in your home. When choosing a ceiling rose, make sure you choose one that is sized in proportion to your room.

Contemporary ceiling roses from Prisma Lighting

If a sleek, contemporary style is what you are looking for, then allow Prisma to help. With a colourful range of Calex ceiling roses available, you can find the perfect product for your home. Check them out here or get in touch to learn more about our products.